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Current Offerings: May - August 2024

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Our online Family and MWR Programs Webtrac system is back up and running.  Check out our event calendar, browse activities, make payments online, register for youth sports/field trips/classes, reserve hourly care (if slots available), pre-register if you are new to Child & Youth Services (CYS).  You can download forms for registration to include special needs forms (allergies, asthma, diabetic, special diet).

NEW Features:  update your email address, document upload to your household (sports physicals, shot records, doctor’s note), reprint a receipt, print your child care tax statement, print calendar of events your household is registered to attend.

Please note:  Your child must have an ACTIVE pass to register for activities online.  Please call Parent Central Services at 586-239-5622  or email if you have any concerns/issues.

Eligibility for Sports Activities

Detroit Arsenal Youth Sports and Fitness Schedule is for all Active/Retired military, DoD families, Military Contractors, and Partnership Macomb Schools children.

For current offerings visit Webtrac.

Please note:  Your household will need a Webtrac account in order to view activities online.  Please call Parent Central Services at 586-239-5622  or email if you need any assistance.

CYS Sports Registration Requirements

**All forms must be fully filled out. Any missing information will be sent back for completion. Please note that registrations may take up to 2 weeks to complete. A confirmation email/call will be made once your youth is able to participate** 

Start the registration process by clicking Here!!! 

Completed registration form 

Child, Youth and School Services Family Information sheet (can be completed online through Webtrac) 

Minimum of TWO release/emergency designees other than mom or dad with phone numbers for each (can be completed online through Webtrac) 

Copy of child’s official Immunization Records (Birth through Elementary School). 

● INDIVIDUAL SPORTS (5th grade and younger) require a Health Assessment. Must be completed by a doctor before the first official practice. 

● TEAM SPORTS Current Sports Physical/Medical Statement (ALL AGES) must be completed by the first official practice and remain valid through completion date of chosen team sport. No child/youth will remain authorized the play (practice or participate in games) until a valid physical/medical statement is furnished. A school physical may be used to satisfy the requirement of a medical statement. Valid for one Year. 

Medical concerns: If there are any medical concerns such as but not limited to allergies, asthma, diabetes, ADHD, ADD, speech, hearing, heart or kidney problems there will be additional paperwork (Army Child and Youth Serviced Health Screening Tool (DA 7625-1), medical action plans and/or medical disclosure forms DD2870) to be completed. Please note that all medical paperwork is reviewed by the 

Army Public Health Nurse (APHN) and can take up to 10 business days for approval. If the APHN requests a MIAT (Multi Interdisciplinary Action Team) meeting, registration can be delayed until the MIAT has been completed. No youth can participate until the APHN has reviewed all medical paperwork. 

School grade for all youth (can be completed online through Webtrac). 

Active Duty parents who are single or dual military (and single/dual deployable civilians) must submit a completed Family Care Plan DA 5305 within 30 days from the date of registration with Central Registration. 

Please Note

*For all Youth Sports activities a sports physical is required before the first practice*

To register please contact Parent Central Services at 586-239-5622 or by Email.

For any sports related questions, please contact the Youth Sports & Fitness desk at 586-282-9730.

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