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Army Community Service (ACS)

From Family readiness to financial health—and much more— Army Community Services (ACS) delivers programs tailored to your needs. We help maintain community readiness and resiliency through a wide range of educational opportunities, special events, individualized counseling services, and other offerings.

We help Soldiers from their first assignments all the way to separation or retirement, as well as Families, veterans, wounded warriors, survivors, and retirees.  ACS supports the entire Army community.

Learn more about what ACS offers at your installation!

ACS values your privacy and security. Learn more about ACS customers' rights and responsibilities.

 * Not all programs are available at all garrisons. 
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The mission of ACS is to facilitate the commander's ability to provide comprehensive, standardized, coordinated and responsive services that support Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, and Families regardless of geographical location and to maximize technology and resources, eliminate duplication in service delivery and measure service effectiveness.  For more information please e-mail,

Military OneSource offers many resources and services to help you and your family thrive. Get started with this newsletter Military OneSource.


Dignity and Respect. You have the right to be treated with consideration and compassion, and to receive quality services free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex/gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental ability, rank, or military status.

Privacy and Security. The Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, provides safeguards for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and similar rights for other PII in electronic, written, and spoken form. ACS service providers will provide informed consent for the services received. Authorized disclosures may include the following circumstances:

• When you sign a written release of information.
• When a clear and immediate danger to you or
to others exists.
• When there is known or suspected child abuse or
elder abuse.
• When there is known or suspected domestic abuse
not covered by restricted reporting policy.
• When ordered by a court of law.

Access to records. ACS uses an electronic case management system to track information on services provided. To request a copy of your record, speak with an ACS representative to
determine local policy for release of information.

Right of Self-determination. We recognize the
uniqueness of every individual and Family. Your
ACS service provider will work with you to develop
an Individual Service Plan tailored to meet
your needs.

Refusal of Services. ACS services are voluntary; you may terminate services at any time unless Command directed. Grievances, alternative services, and referrals. You have the right to request a different ACS service provider, and alternative options regarding resource referrals to meet the goals of your Individual Service Plan. If at any time you are dissatisfied with ACS services, please ask to see the Program Manager or ACS Director.

Respect and Consideration of other customers and ACS staff is essential.

Adherence to your Individual Service Plan
by following through with resource referrals on a timely basis and informing your ACS service provider regarding concerns or changes in your needs. Voice your concerns or disagreements with recommended interventions, referrals, or Individual Service Plan, and allow time for adjustments if required. Arrive on time for scheduled appointments and
cancel or change appointments at least two (2) working days in advance.
Maintain accurate information and records by reporting changes in your address or phone number and responding to calls or letters to the best of your ability.
Provide feedback on the quality and effectiveness of services and resource referrals.


Coming Up!

Partnership with Commanders Readiness and Resiliency Council, and New Year New You presents:     Scream Free Parenting Class with Hal Runkel

In support of Commander's Readiness and Resiliency Council (CR2C) and the continued objectives of empowering you our Soldiers, (Active and Retired), Civilians and Families, Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program (FAP) will be providing the following class. 
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO SENDER.  NOTE: POC is referenced   Sign up in TEDs# ACS FAP 2021-24 Hal Runkel Scream Free Parenting

TEDs# ACS FAP 2021-24  Thur. July 29th 2:00 pm EST:  Hal Runkel is a world renowned licensed marriage and family therapist, presents principles for calms and connected parenting.  It supports the idea that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of your children.   SCREAM FREE PARENTING July 29th  

POC:  Leslie Y. Wilson
Family Advocacy Program Assistant
Army Community Services

Thrift Savings Plan
Personal Finance Newsletter

Click here for our monthly news letter that provides helpful tips personal finance.

Learn About Army Life

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)

Army Family Team Building is a series of training modules taught through your local Army Community Service or Family Programs office that covers topics such as basic information about the Army, personal growth and leadership skills. AFTB improves personal and Family preparedness which enhances overall Army readiness and helps America’s Army adapt to a changing world.

AFTB helps you to cope with and enjoy the military lifestyle. Many of the courses can be applied toward resume and career building, self-development and leadership skills. AFTB provides the knowledge and self-confidence to take responsibility for yourself and your Family. The training is available to Soldiers, Family members of all Soldiers, Department of Defense civilians and volunteers.

My Army OneSource: Army Family Team Building

Contact your AFTB Program Manager more information!

New to the Community?

Information and Referral Program

A comprehensive resource file provides information on both military and civilian agencies to Soldiers, Family members and DA civilians. Trained personnel will assist clients to find the appropriate and available resources.

Where available, this program offers a special Host Nation Services which includes un-certified translations of host nation language correspondence and bills. 

For further assistance or help, feel free to contact ACS.

Relocation Readiness Program

Welcome to Relocation Readiness! Moving is a part of life for Soldiers, Government Civilians and their Families. The Army Community Service Relocation Readiness Program provides assistance to the Total Army Family. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are capable of surviving and thriving through the PCS and ETS processes. We have developed this program to assist you in finding information and resources to make you more resilient and agile as you navigate your next move.

Your first stop once you are notified of a pending PCS or ETS move should be your local ACS (Family Center) where you can meet with a Relocation Readiness Program Manager who will serve as a subject matter expert in assisting you through the process.

Household Goods Lending Closet

When relocating to a new installation, you can borrow basic household good such as: 

  • Pots and pans 
  • Dishes 
  • High chairs and car safety seats
  • GPS
  • Pre-paid cell phones
  • Kitchen appliances

Contact the ACS Relocation Manager for more information.

Adjusting to My New Country* 

Host Nation Orientation, where applicable, offers all in-processing personnel and their Families orientation on the local culture, language, transportation and tourism offerings. 

Contact your Relocation Program Manager for more information.

 *If applicable.

Career Guidance and Employment Opportunities 

The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) provides services to military Spouses, active duty Military, active Reserve and National Guard, Wounded Warriors, Retirees, DoD Civilians, and all Family Members. Services include:

- Up-to-date resource information on available local, national and international employment opportunities, job market trends, and education and volunteer resources.

- Classes and seminars on self-assessment and career exploration, resume writing, interviewing techniques, dressing for success, networking, and entrepreneurship.

- Resume critiques

- Career counseling and individual career assessments.

- Job fairs and other hiring events.

- Teen/youth employment Information

- Computers with internet access, resume writing software, and typing tutorials

Contact your Employment Readiness Program Manager for more information.

Financial Readiness Program

The Army is here to help provide you with information on matters dealing with money. From financial calculators to tax preparation, these tools can help you on your way to financial success.


Army Volunteer Corps can link volunteers with local volunteering opportunities.

What can volunteering do for you?  

  • Gain a sense of satisfaction and achievement by meeting challenges
  • Learn about the Army, its sister services, and the community
  • Acquire new skills and expand existing ones
  • Obtain work experience
  • Build new friendships and become a cohesive part of the community

Army Family Web Portal 

Contact your Volunteer Corps Coordinator for more information.

Family Members with Special Needs

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical, and personnel services to Families with special needs. Soldiers on active duty enroll in the program when they have a Family member with a physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder requiring specialized services so their needs can be considered in the military personnel assignment process.

Family members must be screened and enrolled, if eligible, when the Soldier is on assignment instructions to an OCONUS area for which command sponsorship/Family member travel is authorized, and the Soldier elects to serve the accompanied tour. This screening consists of medical records review for all Family members, and developmental screening for all children 72 months of age and younger.

Soldiers are responsible for keeping their EFMP enrollment current as exceptional Family member (EFM) conditions change or at least every three years, whichever comes first.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides an all-inclusive approach for community, educational, medical, housing and personnel services for Families with special needs. An exceptional Family member may be a child or an adult with any physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that limits the individual's capacity to engage in pursuits with peers or that requires:

  • Special treatment
  • Therapy
  • Education
  • Training

Respite Care Information Army One Source: Exceptional Family Member Respite Care Program

Enrollment and Screening Information US Army Medical Department: Exceptional Family Member Program

Contact your ACS EFMP Manager for assistance.

Violence Prevention and Education

The US Army Family Advocacy Program is dedicated to the prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment of spouse and child abuse. The program provides a variety of services to soldiers and families to enhance their relationship skills and improve their quality of life. This mission is accomplished through a variety of groups, seminars, workshops and, counseling and intervention services.

  • Emergency Placement Care Program (EPC)
  • Victim Advocacy Program (Domestic Violence)
  • Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Program (SHARP)
  • FAP education and prevention
  • New Parent Support Program (NPSP) 
  • Support groups and enrichment classes

Contact the Family Advocacy Program Manager to begin.

Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention: 

SHARP 24-hour Response Hot Line: +1 (877)995-5247

Victim Advocacy Program

The Victim Advocacy Services Program provides comprehensive assistance and support to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault, including crisis intervention, safety planning, and assistance in securing medical treatment for injuries, information on legal rights and proceedings, and referral to military and civilian shelters and other resources available to victims. Victim Advocacy services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Soldiers and Family members.


New Parent Support Program

The Army’s New Parent Support Program is a key secondary prevention program within the Family Advocacy Program which falls under the umbrella of Army Community Service. Established in 1995, this voluntary participation program helps Soldiers and Family members who are expecting a child, or have a child or children up to 3 years of age, to build strong, healthy military families. Through a variety of supportive services including home visits, support groups and parenting classes, the NPSP helps Soldiers and Families learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-deployment reunions and the everyday demands of parenthood.

Deployment or Mobilization Assistance

Welcome to Mobilization and Deployment! Our mission is to provide training, information and assistance to Soldiers, Civilians and their Families to maintain individual readiness throughout the entire deployment cycle. Deployments can be challenging—a highly emotional and stressful event for Soldiers, Civilians and their Families. Fortunately, Mobilization and Deployment is here to provide guidance, resources and training for all; Soldiers, Civilians and their families; to include parents, Family Readiness Group members and Rear Detachment cadre and ACS/Reserve staff throughout the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle. Whether supporting deploying units by providing pre-deployment information and material to Soldiers, Civilians and their Families; to providing reintegration and RESET training as they reconstitute their Family unit, the Mobilization and Deployment Team is here to support you! Our TEAM is always ready to provide quality service for our Soldiers, Civilians and their Families.


Army Emergency Relief (AER) Overview


Army Emergency Relief is the U.S. Army's own nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating financial distress on the force. AER provides grants and zero-interest loans to Active Duty and Retired Soldiers and their Families. Over 4 million Soldiers supported since 1942. AER officers are conveniently located at installations around the world. Visit to learn more.

Education Programs

AER’s Education Program is a secondary mission to help Army Families with the costs of education. The three separate scholarship programs are:

Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program
• Applicant must be the Spouse or widow(er) of an active duty or retired Soldier and reside in the United States. 
• Stateside applicants must be full time students. 
• First undergraduate degrees only.
• Active duty military personnel are not eligible.

Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund for Dependent Children.

Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program 
• Applicants must be a Spouse of an active duty Soldier assigned in Europe, Korea, Japan, or Okinawa. 
• Applicants must physically reside with the Soldier at the assigned location. 
• First undergraduate degrees only.
• Off post students are not eligible.
• Spouses may be part time or full time students.

Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund for Dependant Children 
• Dependent children, stepchildren, or legally adopted children of Army Soldiers on active duty, retired or deceased while in active duty or retired status.

The children of Grey Area Reservists/National Guard are eligible as well.

Scholarship awards will be awarded up to half the cost of tuition. Scholarship awards are based on financial need, as evidenced by income, assets, Family size, and special circumstances.

Applications and instructions are available for all the scholarships on the AER website at

AER Resources and Forms

View all AER forms. 

Warriors in Transition

Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) services will be tailored and responsive to the needs of the WT and their Families. Most services will be present in the SFAC location in order to maximize the convenience to the WTs and their Families. Other services requiring less than a full-time presence will be brought forward to the SFAC at designated times. Still other services will be provided through priority off-site appointments coordinated by the SFAC staff. SFAC sites will provide a warm, relaxed environment where Soldiers and their Families can gather to foster physical, spiritual and mental healing.

The services identified to date to be present or coordinated in the SFAC are:

-          Entitlement and Benefits Counseling

-          Military Personnel Services, such as ID cards

-          Educational Services

-          Transition/Employment Assistance

-          Social services to include financial counseling, stress management, translator coordination and Exceptional Family Member services

-          Travel pay for Family members on Invitational Travel Orders (ITO)

-          Substance Abuse information and referral for Family members

-          Coordination of Legal and Pastoral Services

IMCOM: Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

Contact your local SFAC Representative for more information!

Relocation Readiness

Information, Referral and Follow-up (I, R&F) Program

I, R&F supports soldiers, civilians, and their families relocating from installation to installation.

Services include in-processing, out-processing, Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Newcomer's briefings, Sponsorship training, Home buyer, and Re-entry workshops, Welcome packets, worldwide installation information files and Lending Closet are also available.

The Relocation Readiness Program is located at Army Community Service, we provide relocation counseling, guidance and planning services for your next move.

Family Readiness Group

The Family Readiness Group (FRG) is organized to provide mutual support for a unit's family members. FRG forms the third component of the Army's family support system during deployment. It operates during periods of normal operations, as well, in close coordination with the affiliated unit and, if convenient, with ACS or the Reserve Component Family Program Coordinator's Office. The FRG also serves as an important source of inspiration, training, and support to empower Army families to increase and enhance their self-reliance.

Goals of the Family Readiness Group: To provide an opportunity for family members to mutually support each other, prevent isolation, provide information, help involve families in unit activities, and refer families to community resources when needed.

The two distinct levels of effort of Family Readiness Groups:

  • Activated function - The effort is concentrated around events such as pre-deployment and mobilization, deployment, and the immediate post-deployment periods. FRGs provide support to family members and soldiers by offering information on unit activities and meetings, and referral assistance about community resources. Activities during this level are geared toward helping family members prepare for imminent separation, cope during the separation, and to bond with other family members in the unit.
  • Sustaining function - There is a reduced degree of interaction between FRG volunteers and family members as well as within the FRG organization. This period occurs mainly during non-deployment periods. During this period, FRGs continue to update rosters of family member addresses and telephone numbers, continue regular meetings between FRG representatives and unit leaders, and, through group meetings or telephone contacts, provide welcoming, sponsorship, orientation, and networking support for new family members and families in crisis or transition.


Financial Readiness Program (FRP)

The Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program emphasizes financial literacy and self-sufficiency, helps resolve financial problems and reduce stress associated with money worries both proactively and reactively. We offer a wide range of services to assist active duty and retired military personnel, their ID card family members and Department of the Army civilian employees with their financial affairs.

Our professional, certified Financial Readiness Counselors can help you improve your personal financial skills; develop spending, savings and investment plans; evaluate your assets and liabilities; and improve your ability to perform as an informed consumer.

For more information about ACS's Financial Readiness Program click here.

For the ACS Financial Readiness Program's calendar of events click here.

Help Links:

Military One Source offers a variety of support and informational services via web and toll free telephone service 24 hours a day. 1-800-342-9647 

Army One Source compiles important, credible and up-to-date information in a single location. Available 24 hours a day.


National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

Saving and Investing

Financial Regulatory Authority

Thrift Savings Plan

Military Saves

Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission

Consumer Education Information

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Federal Trade Commission

Bankrate, INC

Federal Government Consumer Information

Military Consumer Complaints

National Do Not Call Registry

Employment Readiness Program (ERP)

The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) offers resources to help with your career plan and job search. Whether you’re a military spouse or Family member who just moved to a new installation, Retiree, or DoD civilian looking for new opportunities, or active duty Military, active Reserve, National Guard member, or Wounded Warrior, we’re here to help.


The summer edition of the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities eNewsletter is here with new information and resources to help you better connect with your community or advance your career. Features include:

    - A message from the associate director highlighting important resources to help you take the next steps on your career path
    - A recap of the wildly successful Virtual Military Spouse Symposium
    - New tools from the MSEP Career Portal to help you search for and find a new job on the MySECO site
    - Advice for starting a new chapter when you move and how to make the most of your adventure in a new community.

Read here and learn more about how SECO can provide the guidance, support and resources to help you take the next step for your career and family:

Your Spouse Education and Career Opportunities team

Learn. Advance. Succeed.

Look for new growth opportunities? 

Don't spend your valuable time searching the Internet for education information or career tools. With the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities eNewsletter, you can have the most up-to-date information right at your fingertips, read our monthly Newsletter.

Virtual Career Library

Additionally, get help with your job search or explore different careers online from any computer. Access over 6,000 digital pages of career guidance information. Inside you will find hundreds of career advice videos, digital career books and directories, virtual job data cards, job bank resources, and occupational videos to help you achieve career and life success. Note: First time users of the Virtual Career Library must click on the "First Time Registrant" link and complete and submit the access request form. Your account should then be accessible to you within one business day. From that point on, you can access the library with the username and password you created.


Get Help With Your Job Search or Exploring Careers

Click on the Virtual Career Library logo to access over 6,000 digital pages of career guidance information. Inside you will find hundreds of career advice videos, digital career books and directories, virtual job data cards, job bank resources, and occupational videos to help you achieve career and life success.


Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

The Detroit Arsenal ACS Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is an Army-wide initiative to identify issues or concerns to improve the overall Quality of Life for Active duty, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve Soldiers, retirees and their Families, and the Department of the Army Civilians.

This process is used to identify the most critical well-being issues facing the Army today and present them to senior Army leadership for resolution.

  1. Submit Quality of Life AFAP Issues - Here
  2. AFAP Overview - Here
  3. AFAP Issues - Here
  4. HQDA  Active Issues September 2015 - Here
  5. HQDA Completed and Unattainable September 2015  - Part 1 & Part 2
  6. Detroit Arsenal FY16 AFAP Issue Update Book - Here

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★

How would you answer this question?

"I wish the government would ___________ to increase my quality of my life within the Civilian/Army world." 

We invite you to share your ideas/issues of how to improve Quality of Army life with us. Our Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is an amazing program that has direct access for your voice to be heard by senior leadership.

Submit ideas about adults, children or anything that affects you and your Civilian/Army family.

Your ideas will be submitted for resolution at the Garrison Manager level. The top issues, applicable beyond the local level, will be submitted to Regional AFAP Conferences and if selected are processed to Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA). HQDA issues are worked toward resolution by Army Leadership and DoD agencies.

This is a great opportunity for your voice to be heard. Please consider submitting your idea!

Originally, this program was started by spouse wives who wanted a path to bring up issues to the command level. Today, the Army Family Action Plan is an Army-wide program to improve Army quality of life. Through AFAP, all members of the Army, including Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, Surviving Spouses, and DA Civilians, have a forum to voice concerns to Army Leadership and make recommendations for change. AFAP helps shape legislation, policies, programs and services worldwide.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) needs your input!  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Military One Source: Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Welcome Readers,

The holiday season is an excellent time to celebrate success in the past year and focus on improvements to pursue in the new year - with health, family life and personal goals.

In this issue of The Exceptional Advocate, you will find resources to continue the path of improvement:
     - Review some tips for managing stress during the holidays
     - Learn about TRICARE's changes and expanded coverage
     - Tap into a helpful resource for families with special needs provided by the Department         of Education's Customer Service Department
     - Discover how Military OneSource connects you to a wealth of tools and services.

December is a time to reconnect with family and friends, start and continue holiday traditions and plan for the New Year. Get a start with The Exceptional Advocate eNewsletter.